Volunteers are welcome! If you are interested in volunteering you can click here to print out the volunteer application and drop it by the library, or just come in and fill out the application on the spot. When a need arises which matches your expressed interests and scheduled availability, the library will contact you.*

Do you have community service hours to do for school, honor society, confirmation, etc? Just want to give back? Volunteering not only makes your college applications look good, but it also gets you involved with your community! You’re helping to make your library a better place; that’s something that is important for all of us. You can also make new friends and find new interests!

The library offers teen volunteering opportunities for teens ages 13 and up. Just download the Teen Volunteer Application below, fill it out, and drop it off to us at the library!

Teen Volunteer Application <— click to download

Please carefully read the second page of the Application for important guidelines and information about the teen volunteer program.

*Please note that filling out and submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee a volunteer position.