For Children and Parents…

COVID-19 Childcare Relief Scholarship
Dutchess County received $197k funding to assist low- and moderate-income families in need childcare for school-aged children. Please visit the Dutchess County Childcare Council website for more information or click here to be taken to the application for consideration.

The CDC has released a very helpful website with a survey/checklist for parents and caregivers making the decision about their child’s schooling this fall. Please click here to view the website.  Please note that there are many other important subject on the CDC website; we encourage you to explore the links on the sidebar for more scientific information that may be useful to you and your family.
You may also click these links below for specific checklists on a variety of topics:
Back to School Decision Making Tool
Planning for In-Person Classes
Planning for Virtual or At-Home Learning
Navigating Stress and Uncertainty
Non-Government Resources


Scholastic is offering a fantastic FREE health planner for families! Working with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, this kit offers information about vaccinations, tips for healthy nutrition and exercise, as well as a video PSA about how certain viruses can lead to cancer later on. Please click here to get your free planner.