2018 Budget Vote

Please check out this article from the New York Times about why libraries are still a crucial part of our society.

Library Funding FAQ

  • How much of an increase is the library asking for?

We are asking for an increase of $80,000, which is $1.78 per month for the average household; the cost of one cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee a month.  With this increase, we will move from being 14th in funding in the county to 12th in funding – despite being the 5th busiest library, most efficient staff, and 9th largest town.

  • Why now?

The library has not had an increase in 8 years and all donations are now going into the building fund.  We have managed to stretch the same income level for eight years but now find an increase is necessary to continue services at the current level. A library whose town support is 14th county-wide, such as ours is, cannot afford to keep up the circulation and programming level that we do without town support. The minimum wage has increased by seventy cents for the last two years and will continue to do so for the next 3 and since the majority of the staff make within $1 of minimum wage this increase affects us directly.

  • Will any of this money go toward the renovation and expansion of the building?

No.  None of the money being requested can legally go towards a new library.

  • Why can’t the library get the money somewhere else?

The library makes every effort to apply for grants when they are available, but there are almost no grants which will fund a library’s operating budget. There is not much federal, state or county funding available for libraries.  In fact, most community libraries receive the lion’s share of their funding from their town.  Each library, therefore, is really a reflection of the support it receives from its community.

  • What about state and county funding?

NY State only gives us twenty-five cents per PV resident and our county legislature does not allocate any library line item funding.

  • How many staff members does the library have?

The library has 9 paid staff members, 2 of whom are full time. They are not public employees and the total salary paid to all 9 people is $221,000. The majority of staff make within $1.50 of minimum wage.  We also have up to 20 volunteers helping us at any given time.

  • How do I vote on this?

On November 6th this year, during the general election, the question about our library’s funding will be on the back of the ballot. In these local elections, every vote counts – so it’s very important that if you support libraries, you come out and vote.